(541) 412-8806 or (800) 921-2871

Coastal Express Schedule

Monday through Saturday

Departure Times

SOUTHBOUND (Brookings to Smith River)SOUTHBOUND (North Bend to Smith River)
BROOKINGS (5th St/Bankus Park)6:15am8:45am1:45pmNORTH BEND** (Newmark Center)11:10am2:30pm
HARBOR (Chevron)6:20am8:55am1:50pmNORTH BEND (Safeway/VA Clinic at Marion St)7:25am11:25am2:45pm
SMITH RIVER (Rancheria)6:30am#9:15am2:15pm#COOS BAY (Tioga Hotel-Market St)7:30am11:35am2:55pm
NORTHBOUND (Smith River to North Bend)COOS BAY (Fred Meyer)7:40am11:45am3:05pm
SMITH RIVER (Rancheria)6:45am9:15am2:15pmBANDON (Ray's)8:20am12:20pm3:45pm
HARBOR (Umpqua Bank)7:05am9:35am2:35pmPORT ORFORD (Ray's)9:15am1:05pm4:40pm
BROOKINGS (5th St/Bankus Park)7:20am(end)11:15am3:00pmGOLD BEACH (Ray's)10:00am1:55pm5:25pm
GOLD BEACH (Ray's)8:05am12:00pm3:45pmBROOKINGS (5th St/Bankus Park)10:45am 2:40pm6:05pm
PORT ORFORD* (Ray's)8:50am12:45pm4:40pmHARBOR (Chevron)6:15pm
BANDON (Ray's)9:35am1:30pm5:15pmSMITH RIVER (Rancheria)6:30pm#
COOS BAY (Fred Meyer)10:15am2:10pm5:55pmNORTHBOUND (Smith River to Brookings)
COOS BAY (Tioga Hotel)10:25am2:15pm6:00pmSMITH RIVER (Rancheria)6:30pm
NORTH BEND (Safeway/VA Clinic at Marion St)10:35am2:30pm6:15pmHARBOR (Umpqua Bank)6:45pm
NORTH BEND** (Newmark Center)10:55am2:35pm6:20pmBROOKINGS (5th St/Bankus Park)6:55pm
* for Nesika Beach pickup/delivery, please call at least 4 hours ahead
** For North Bend Airport pickup/delivery, please call at least 4 hours ahead
# connects with Redwood Coast Transit to Arcata

There is no service available on Sundays or major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following day, and Christmas). Limited service for special community events.

All of the buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts, and seat between 8 and 14 people. Coastal Express buses are equipped with bicycle racks.

  • To ride a Coastal Express bus, be at a scheduled stop prior to the posted departure time or, if pre-arranged, at a safe stopping area to flag the bus along Highway 101.
  • Have your fare, pass, or ticket ready when you board and tell the driver where you need to get off.
  • If you will be flagging the bus at a location other than a designated stop, you must call the Dispatcher at least an hour in advance so the driver can be alerted and be watching for you. The Dispatcher will let you know where the nearest safe pull-out area is located.
  • For North Bend Airport pick up or drop off, please call Dispatcher before your ride.
  • All Coastal Express buses are ADA accessible and bike racks are provided for up to two bicycles.
  • Sorry, no motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized bikes or scooters.
  • Connections (see LINKS):

Crescent City/Arcata: The Smith River stop links up with Redwood Coast Transit. Call 1-707-464-6400.

Florence, Roseburg: CCAT offers limited service.  Call 1-541267-7111

North Bend Airport: please inform the dispatcher before you board.

East from Brookings—Medford, Klamath Falls:  Southwest Point at 888-846-4183.