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Coastal Express Schedule

Curry Public Transit offers transportation services both locally and regionally. There is no service available on weekends and major holidays (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following day, and Christmas).

  • Local Dial-A-Ride buses operate in Brookings and Gold Beach. In the Brookings area the service runs from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday; in the Gold Beach area, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Dispatch hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Call the CPTI Dispatcher at 541-412-8806 or 1-800-921-BUS1 (1-800-921-2871) to schedule a pickup. Be prepared to tell the Dispatcher:

    • the name of the primary rider
    • how many others (if any) will be riding
    • street address and/or business name where you need to be picked up
    • street address and/or business name where you need to go
    • when you need to be picked up (or when you need to arrive)
    • when you will need to return and from where (if a different location from which you were dropped off)
    • if you have any special needs (wheelchair, walker, etc.)
    • phone number to contact you if there are any problems or delays
  • Regional Coastal Express buses connect the coastal cities from Smith River, California, to North Bend, Oregon along US Highway 101. Click HERE to see the Coastal Express schedule. To ride a Coastal Express bus, be at a scheduled stop prior to the posted departure time or, if pre-arranged, at a safe stopping area to flag the bus along Highway 101. Have your fare, pass, or ticket ready when you board and tell the driver where you need to get off. If you will be flagging the bus at a location other than a designated stop, you must call the Dispatcher (dispatch hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday except on major holidays - see above) at 541-412-8806 or 1-800-921-BUS1 (1-800-921-2871) at least an hour in advance so the driver can be alerted and be watching for you. The Dispatcher will let you know where the nearest safe pull-out area is located. All Coastal Express buses are ADA Accessible and bike racks are provided for up to two bicycles. Sorry, no motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized bikes or scooters.



  • Dial-A-Ride: $4.00 per ride. A "ride" is defined as beginning when you enter the bus and ending when you leave the bus. NOTE: Drivers cannot wait for you to complete even a brief errand after you depart the bus.

  • Coastal Express: $4.00 per city segment. A "city segment" is defined as beginning prior to reaching the city limit of where a designated stop exists and ending at the city limit of that city beyond the designated stop. (For the purposes of fare calculation, the two designated stops in North Bend count as only one city segment.) For example, if a rider enters a northbound bus at Pistol River, the $4.00 fare will cover the ride through Gold Beach; however, if the rider desires to go beyond the northern city limit of Gold Beach, another $4.00 fare will be required. Therefore, a ride from Brookings to Port Orford will cost $8.00. A trip from Pistol River to Nesika Beach will likewise be $8.00. See our FARE CHART for more information.

  • Bicycles cost $1.00 per city segment.

  • Package Delivery: Fares are priced on the same basis as passenger rides: local Dial-A-Ride deliveries cost $4.00 and Coastal Express deliveries cost $4.00 per city segment. Packages are limited to a maximum weight of forty (40) pounds. Package deliveries must be scheduled in advance by calling the Dispatcher at 541-412-8806 or 1-800-921-BUS1 (1-800-921-2871). Packages must be ready at the pickup point no later than the scheduled pickup time and someone must be present to receive delivery at the designated drop-off point.

  • Monthly Passes cost $50.00 and allow unlimited rides throughout the CPTI system (both local Dial-A-Ride and Coastal Express trips).

  • Punch Cards cost $20.00 and provide the purchaser with $22.00 worth of rides and may be used for local Dial-A-Ride and Coastal Express trips.

  • Reduced Fares: Seniors (age 60 and over), students, and passengers with disabilities ride for half fare (presentation of appropriate ID or certification may be required).

  • Free Rides: Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans with an appointment at the Brookings or Coos Bay VA Clinic, ride free. Just show a current active duty military ID card or appointment card to driver.  Children under 6 (when accompanied by a responsible adult) ride free. (NOTE: passenger must provide appropriate child safety seat as required by law.)

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